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The Chromebook Tablet (seriously, why not get rid of the "book" in this title?) The education revolution is here. Acer launched ASUS did it and now, CTL begins to play. Here is the skinny.

You would be forgiven if your first thought was "… who is CTL?", Because, honestly, they are not as well known as some of the other companies active in the Chrome OS market. Nevertheless, they make great Chromebooks and Chromeboxes (we do not say "Chromebook Desktop", so why do not they call Chrometabs?) Designed to be more robust than average Chrome OS devices.

Today's announcement of the Chromebook Tx1 tab is what everyone in CTL expects – a rugged tablet with competing technical features. It contains a Rockchip OP1 hexacore processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a microSD slot for storage expansion, a headphone jack (a rarity nowadays) and the appropriate wireless connections. Like other Chromebook tablets (ugh) advertised until now, it comes with a built-in stylus that allows it to be inserted into the device when it's not being used.

The Chromebook Tx1 tab will be available "near the end" of February 2019 in the US and Europe, but you can pre-order the device now if you like .

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