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Fitbit is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fitness apparel on the planet. It will now allow users to share their data with the All of Us search program. This will be the first fitness company to do this.

For those who are not familiar with All of Us this is a multi-user program dedicated to gathering information from various users to advance medical research on Precision medicine (read: personalized treatments) at an accelerated pace. The program wants to collect information from at least one million participants, using data from surveys, electronic health records, physical measurements, biological samples and of digital health technologies. Everything is opt-in and "strict safeguards" are used to protect privacy.

The big news here is of course Fitbit's partnership with All of Us. It's the first time that a fitness company has chosen to contribute to the goal of everyone. 39 between us. Fitbit users who wish to participate can sign up for us all and then choose to sync their Fitbit data with the program. These data include physical activity, heart rate, and sleep patterns.

The interesting thing here is that the Fitbit device does not even have to participate, just a Fitbit account. If you have a Fitbit account and you use it "manually", you can choose to synchronize this data with us all.

This program also includes a second part. We all hope to be able to send up to 10,000 Fitbit devices from an unknown model to random participants. This will help us all to collect more data from users who have already participated in the program.

But on a more personal note, the goal of All of us (which I had never heard of before) fascinates me because I am the father of a child suffering from chronic illness. The research done here could ultimately lengthen his life and that of many other people with chronic illness. More participants and more data are very small things that lead to great results.

To find out more about us all, the data they collect and the purpose of these data, click here . You can go here to register to participate in the program.

Fitbit via Engadget

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