How to fix a Huawei P10 smartphone that won’t turn on? [Troubleshooting Guide]

There are two possibilities to consider when dealing with an issue where a device does not turn on. This is due to damaged hardware or improper software on the phone. For example, the battery or the device itself may have accumulated physical or liquid damage from previous falls or exposures. It is also possible that your device is stuck on a black screen due to major system errors or malicious programs. In this case, the phone is powered but simply can not get the correct rendering of the desired display or screen output because something prevents it from doing so. And since everything you see on your phone is a black screen, you thought it was not turned on but that it was powered.

In this article, I've compiled a summary of all possible solutions and recommended workarounds to solve a similar problem regarding a particular phone, the Huawei P10. Read on to find out what your options are if you also need to solve this problem on the same Huawei smartphone.

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Troubleshooting the Huawei P10 which does not light

The following solutions have already proved their worth in solving problems of this type. Try to go through them to see if they work for you …

Connect the charger for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Sometimes charging the battery takes longer than usual, especially when the device encounters system errors such as data corruption or application crashes. That said, give your device a little more time to regain strength. Also make sure that you use the original charger when loading. Here is the right way to charge your Huawei P10 battery:

Connect the charger to a wall outlet or an outlet. You will know if the battery is charging if you see the charge indicator on the screen. Again, the charge indicator may take longer, so wait patiently.

Forced restart while the charger was plugged in.

Many people facing a similar problem were able to remedy this situation. It will not hurt if you too give yourself a chance. That said, plug your phone into the charger and force it to restart.

To do this, press the and buttons simultaneously to increase the volume for a few seconds, until the unit restarts.

If you do not find a chance to do this, go to the next applicable solution.

Remove any SD card from the phone.

Occasionally, certain contents of the SD card or the SD card itself are corrupted and eventually cause conflicts between certain phone functions. If you are using an SD card on your Huawei P10, try removing it and then try recharging your phone again without the SD card. Here's how you do it:

Insert the SIM card pin or ejector into the tiny hole in the card holder on the side of your phone.
Remove the card holder from the phone.
Remove the SD card, and then replace the card holder in its slot.

Charge your phone again without inserting the SD card. If that does not work either, try the following solution.

Connect your Huawei P10 to a computer.

Try connecting your phone to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Make sure your computer is turned on and the device screen is active. Normally, your device will also charge when it is plugged into the USB port of the computer.

If the computer recognizes your Huawei P10 as an external device, it means that your phone is still powered, but remains stuck on a black screen. In this case, you will first have to deal with the black screen problem on the phone. Once this is corrected, your device should work properly as it should.

If you can turn on your device, back up all your important data, and then reset your phone. This will remove any malware or defective files that may have caused your phone to get stuck on a black screen at some point. Once you have reset your Huawei P10, you can reconfigure it as new, without any bugs.

Other suggestions

Charge your Huawei P10 using another compatible charger. To set a faulty charger among the probable causes, try using another charger that is compatible with Huawei P10. If your phone uses another charger, it is obvious that your charger needs to be replaced. If your Huawei P10 does not charge with all the compatible chargers you have tried using, your device is most likely in need of repair. At this point, you must bring your device to a service center and have it diagnosed by a technician.
Use the Android recovery / repair tool . Many Android recovery and repair tools are now available as a free online download. These tools are specifically designed to help users attempt to recover data from their defective devices before restoring them. If you want to try any of these tools, just log in and search for the most credible Android recovery software to download. Read the reviews for some information on how the software worked previously when it was used by other people. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed your favorite Android recovery tool, follow the instructions on the screen to restore and repair your device.

Ask for additional help

Like all smartphones, Huawei has its own support team, which you can talk to if the situation worsens or if problems are not resolved and must be escalated. These people can help you further solve the problem and also give you other options.

Otherwise, go to the nearest Huawei service center and have your phone checked by a technician. The fact that your Huawei P10 still does not turn on after exhausting all possible means on your side could already indicate a more serious problem, most likely physical or liquid damage to the phone requiring repair. And that is what needs to be reviewed and confirmed by a Huawei technician.

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