How to fix Google Play that won’t load properly, keeps crashing on your HTC U12/U12 Plus [Troubleshooting Guide]

Most users do not realize the value of apps like Google Play Store until they realize it's working properly. And what's even worse is that other application-related operations, from downloads and installations to updates, are also affected. Therefore, you must try to resolve the issue and reactivate Google Play.

This issue is related to the Google Play HTC U12 / U12 Plus app that does not load or quit anymore. Read on to find out what might have caused such a problem and what are the possible solutions.

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How to solve the HTC U12 problem with Google Play services that continue to crash?

Before you fix the software on your HTC U12 / U12 Plus, check your Internet connection. Online apps like Google Play will not work as expected if your device is experiencing network connectivity problems, whether it's intermittent or non-existent. Try to browse different websites and see if you have access. If you can access websites and pages, but Google Play continues to crash or not load correctly, try the following solutions.

Solution One: Restart the Wi-Fi connection and reboot your phone.

The easiest way to restart your phone's Wi-Fi Internet connection is to turn off Wi-Fi and then turn it back on. Another method is to enable or disable the airplane mode shortly. These two tips can help you get rid of minor software errors that may have caused random Wi-Fi drops or an intermittent connection to the Internet. So here's what you can try first:

Swipe up from the Home screen, then tap Settings .
Select Network and Internet then Wi-Fi .
Press the Wi-Fi switch to turn off Wi-Fi, then press the switch again to turn it on again.

You should see a list of wireless networks detected on the screen. Make sure the correct network profile is selected. Otherwise, disconnect then switch or connect to the appropriate Wi-Fi network.

If you use mobile data for your phone's Internet connection, make sure mobile data is turned on. You can access this setting from the Quick Settings panel of your phone. Just open the panel and tap the Mobile Data icon to activate the feature, if necessary. If already enabled, enable or disable the switch to re-enable it. This way you can update the data connection of your phone.

As mentioned earlier, you can also switch the Airplane Mode icon to disable and enable the wireless features of your phone at the same time. This is also accessible through the quick settings of your HTC U12 / U12 Plus.

Solution Two: Clear the cache and data for Google Play.

Removing the cache and data from Google Play allows the app to make a fresh start and solve problems. Here is how it goes:

Open the application Settings on your phone.
Press Applications and Notifications.
If necessary, tap View all applications.
Scroll down and tap Google Play Store.
Flickering Storage .
Press Clear Cache to remove the cache from application memory.
Press Clear Data to clear the temporary data saved for the application.

Launch the Google Play Store app again and see if it can already load and work properly.

Removing the cache and data from Download Manager and Google Play Services may also help you, so you should consider doing so if the problem persists after performing the above procedures.

If your Internet connection is correct, you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling Play Store updates by going to Settings-> Apps-> Google Play Store-> More Menu -> select Uninstall the updates then press then to confirm.

Third solution: erase the cache partition on the phone.

Problems and errors associated with the application can also be solved by clearing the cache partition on the phone. This clears all temporary files and data stored as cache in system folders or cache partition. Like the application cache, the system cache can also be damaged and eventually cause some applications or phone systems to fail. Residual files from applications that you have uninstalled are also removed during the process, making it easier for your device to work. To delete the cache partition on your HTC U12 / U12 Plus, simply follow these steps:

Turn off your phone completely.
Simultaneously press the and buttons on the volume down button for a few seconds.
Release both buttons when the screen goes black with red and blue text.
Press the Volume Down button repeatedly to search for and highlight the Restart to bootloader option.
Then press the power button to confirm the selection.
Press the Volume Down button again to highlight the Boot to Recovery Mode option and then press the power button to to confirm. This will show you the options Recovery .
Press the Volume Down button to highlight Clean the cache partition then press the power button to confirm.
Wait until option Restart System Now is highlighted, then press the Power button to confirm and restart the device.

Please try again to load Google Play and check if this is already possible. Continue to solve the problem if it still does not load or continues to crash.

Fourth solution: update the phone software with the latest version available.

If you have not configured your device to automatically install software updates, you will need to check for updates manually. Your device must be connected to the Internet beforehand. Once connected, follow these steps to check for new updates to download and install on your HTC U12 / U12 Plus smartphone:

Swipe up from the Home screen, then tap Settings .
Press System .
Select About the phone.
Press Software Updates.
Then press Check now.
Wait until your phone has finished searching for new software updates and asks you to provide an update notification if it is available.

Before downloading an update, make sure your phone has enough memory space and at least 50% battery life. Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download and installation of the manual software update.

Fifth Solution: Delete and then add your Google Account to the phone.

Before opting for a general reset, try removing and adding your Google Account to your device. This will eliminate account-related errors that caused a conflict with Google Play Store app operations. To delete your Google Account from your HTC U12 / U12 Plus, follow these steps:

Open the application Parameters .
Go to Accounts under Personal section .
Select Google and tap the account you want to delete.
Press More on then select Remove Account Option .
If prompted, enter the model, PIN, or password for your device to continue.

After deleting your Google Account, restart your phone and add your account again as follows:

Open the application Parameters .
Go to Individual .
Select Accounts .
Press Account and choose Google from the given options.
Follow the instructions on the screen to add your account. Be sure to enter the correct account details.
Open the application Google Play Stor on your phone.
Then press the menu icon (three horizontal lines).
Find the name and email address of the account you are using at the top of the screen.
Then press the down arrow to select the account to use.

After you've successfully added your Google Account, restart your phone and then try running the Google Play Store app to see if the problem is already resolved.

Other Options

Resetting factory data may be considered the next option to manage persistent software problems causing Google's activation or shutdown Play on your HTC U12 / U12 Plus. You may also try to contact Google Support for additional help on more advanced solutions or to escalate the problem to your service provider / operator for other recommendations.


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