How to fix Huawei P20 Pro won’t turn on issue (after accidental drop)

Does your Huawei P20 Pro not turn on after dropping? He most likely suffered material damage. Learn how to solve the problem by following our suggestions below.

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Problem: The Huawei P20 Pro does not light up after an accidental fall

The phone was working fine, fully charged. I dropped it, the screen went blank and never went on since. Fell at about 4 feet, has a holster and screen protector. When I block the current, it vibrates once and you're done.

Solution : There are several reasons for your problem. However, the most likely cause is hardware malfunction. Follow our suggestions below to see if the problem can be solved on your side.

Charge your device

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps below, you want to make sure that the phone's battery is sufficiently charged. Be sure to leave it plugged into the wall outlet for at least 30 seconds. If you can, turn it off while charging.

Is your phone switched on?

When you have charged the unit for half an hour, unplug it and see if it turns on. If the screen remains black, look for signs indicating whether the phone is turned on properly. If it vibrates or emits a sound when you call it, it means that it is working properly. The most likely problem should be on the screen only. You may still need to replace the display assembly, but at least you know that the motherboard continues to function normally.

Check if you can create a save

If the screen is the only problem, you can still transfer your data to a computer before sending it. Creating an Android backup normally requires a good working screen to allow a user to unlock the device and navigate the software. We are not very optimistic about this, but you should at least try.

Make sure to connect your Huawei P20 Pro to your computer with the help of a working USB cable. Then, once you're done, check on your computer that it detects your Huawei P20 Pro. your phone must be on to be detected. If a computer detects it, try unlocking the screen (if possible) and return to your computer. If its file browser can access the contents of your device, copy everything you want to save.

For data security reasons, an Android device must give permission to a computer before the file transfer can take place. This means that you have to unlock the screen and confirm a request for data transfer from the computer. Obviously, you can not do any if the screen is broken. If the phone has a screen lock, you need to unlock it first so you can not do it. It goes without saying that the creation of a backup is impossible if the screen does not work. Forget the possibility of creating a backup if you find yourself in this situation.

Many Android users are hoping that they can match their screen to a monitor or computer to navigate the software. Unfortunately, this is not possible on Android if the screen is broken in the first place. The screen assembly is both a screen and a means of accessing the software. Two of its main components include a monitor and a digitizer. The first displays the images while the second is a sensor that takes the fingers and converts them into signals. Even if the monitor is working, you still will not be able to unlock the screen if the scanner is broken.

Check if you have insurance for your screen

If your Huawei P20 Pro is a brand new product and it still benefits from a standard 1 year warranty period, you may benefit from a warranty of 1 year. special screen. The screen warranty is usually an addition to the standard warranty. If you have this add-on in addition to the standard warranty, you must contact the manufacturer or the store where you purchased the device. The manufacturer's repairs are guaranteed, so you should use them in this situation. If parts need to be replaced, the standard warranty may not cover these parts, so you will have to pay an amount. See your warranty documentation or contact Huawei for warranty information on your device.

Get your phone repaired by an independent technician

If your Huawei P20 Pro is used or used, you will not be able to repair it for free or at a reduced price. Since you are dealing with faulty hardware, you can do virtually nothing else. Unless you are a qualified telephone repair specialist, repairing faulty equipment on your device may further damage it. Keep in mind that phone repair is not just about replacing parts, as most DIY guides do. Before you can repair a component, you must also test to see if other components may not work. Generally, many users find out that their phone still does not work after replacing the entire screen because they have not checked whether the motherboard was working or there had other defects in some components. If you think you can manage the risks, you can always check YouTube and follow personalized videos to repair your phone.

Get a new phone

Another solution is to get a new phone. Leaving a device that results from a hardware problem is certainly not good news. Even if you send your Huawei P20 Pro to Huawei for repair, there is no guarantee that the same device will work properly afterwards. If they are covered by your warranty, they may also suggest a replacement device.

Although it 's not a cost – effective solution, buying a new phone makes sense if you want to benefit from it. an uninterrupted experience. Consider buying a new phone if there is no positive result after repair.

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