How to fix your HTC U12/U12 Plus that suddenly failed to connect to Wi-Fi [Troubleshooting Guide]

Wi-Fi errors are among the most complex issues to solve in mobile devices because there are many factors to consider. This could be due to a problematic network device (router or modem), account problems, network outages, service maintenance, and software and hardware issues on the phone.

But as long as the root cause lies in the structure of the software, there is a way to solve the problem on your side. All you have to do is try some workarounds. The solutions I'm mapping below solve a similar problem on the HTC U12 / U12 Plus device that has failed to connect to Wi-Fi. Keep reading for more detailed solutions.

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How to troubleshoot HTC U12 which can not connect to WiFi?

Before you solve the problem, make sure you are within range of your Wi-Fi access point or your wireless router / modem. You will not be able to connect to your Wi-Fi network if you are already out of range or too far from the source of your Internet connection. That said, check and make sure your phone receives a strong Wi-Fi signal. At least 2 Wi-Fi signal bars are good as long as they are stable. If you are trying to connect to a secure Wi-Fi network, make sure you have entered the correct Wi-Fi credentials or network password. Otherwise, try one of these workarounds.

First solution: restart your router or Wi-Fi modem.

Routers and Wi-Fi modems are not exempt from software problems and firmware failures. In fact, minor Internet connectivity issues are attributed to random firmware failures on the Wi-Fi router or modem being used. If all your devices are experiencing the same problem and are using or connecting to the same Wi-Fi network, they are probably assigned to a faulty router or modem. In this case, the simplest recommended solution would be a restart or restart of the Wi-Fi router or modem being used. This will help you eliminate minor software errors that may prevent the router / modem from establishing a connection with your phone. That said, if you can access your router or Wi-Fi modem, try turning it off by doing the following:

Locate and press the power button until the router / modem turns off completely.
When the router / modem is turned off, unplug the AC adapter from the power source for at least 30 seconds.
After the elapsed time, reconnect it to the power source.
Then press the Power button until it turns back on.

When fully powered on, allow your phone to reconnect to Wi-Fi. If you have not configured or configured your phone for it to automatically connect to your network, you will need to reconnect it manually.

Second solution: reset your phone.

A simple reboot on the phone can do a lot of things by freeing up memory, emptying the cache, fixing malicious applications and erasing software errors. If your HTC U12 / U12 Plus can not connect to Wi-Fi for the first time, this is probably a software error that can be easily resolved by a soft reset. This is how to do a soft reset on your HTC U12 / U12 Plus:

Hold down the power button until the menu appears.
Press Restart Option . This prompts the phone to shut down and restart on its own.

Allow your device to complete a restart, and then try to connect to Wi-Fi again.

Third solution: activate or deactivate the airplane mode.

This is a simple old trick that continues to work wonders when dealing with random Wi-Fi connection errors in many Android devices. It works by activating Airplane mode for a few seconds and then turns it back on. For some reason, it effectively removes minor errors and issues affecting the wireless features of the phone. The activation of Airplane mode allows you to activate the wireless radios on the phone, including the call function, data services, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. And turning it off disables these features simultaneously. So, it's like a quick reboot on all the mentioned features. If you want to try your luck, follow these steps to enable and disable Airplane Mode on your HTC U12 / U12 Plus:

Go to Parameters .
Press Network and Internet.
Navigate to Airplane Mode.
Then press the On / Off switch next to Airplane Mode to activate the function. Wi-Fi functions are disabled.
After a few seconds, press the Airplane Mode switch again to turn off the function. This will reactivate the Wi-Fi features of your phone.

You can also access the Airplane Mode icon from the Quick Settings panel of your phone. To launch the panel, simply slide your finger down from your phone's status bar and then press the Airplane Mode icon to quickly turn this feature on and off.

You will know if Airplane Mode is enabled if you see the Airplane Mode icon in the status bar. Do not forget to turn it off again to use the wireless features of your phone again.

Fourth solution: reset the network / APN settings of your phone.

Resetting network settings on the phone can also help manage Wi-Fi errors due to incorrect or incorrectly configured network settings and settings. This is probably necessary if your phone has started losing its Wi-Fi access or is unable to connect to Wi-Fi after installing a software update. Some updates may tend to replace the current network settings of the device, which may result in network conflicts or errors of this type. To resolve this issue, you can reset the phone's network settings to the original or default values, and then reconfigure the network options and enable only the necessary features.

Here's how to reset the network settings of your HTC U12 / U12 Plus smartphone:

Press Settings on the Home screen.
Press System .
Scroll to Reset .
Select the option Resetting network parameters .
Then press RESET SETTINGS twice to confirm.

Allow your device to finish resetting network settings, and then reboot after the operation is complete. After rebooting, the network settings are restored to the default values. To reconnect and use your Wi-Fi network, you must set up and enable the Wi-Fi feature on your device.

Network issues related to network parameter errors must already be resolved afterwards.

Fifth solution: reset and restore your phone's default settings.

Although resetting factory data and resetting the master results in data loss, it is also an ultimate solution to the more complex software problems of the phone. If the above methods do not solve the problem and your HTC U12 / U12 Plus still can not connect to Wi-Fi, you're probably facing a complex network problem. That said, you can consider a general reset as your last resort. This will delete all the data stored on your phone and then return the phone to its original state. Be sure to back up important files before you can recover them after the reset. Then proceed to these steps when you are all defined:

Swipe up from the Home screen, then tap Settings .
Go to System .
Flick Reset .
Select Reset factory data from the given options.
If you do not want to delete media files or other data from your SD card, deselect the option Erase SD card .
Then tap Reset Phone to continue.
Finally, press Clear All to confirm.

This will prompt your device to erase all data and restore default settings. After the reset, it should restart all by itself. Wait until it has finished booting, then continue to set your phone like new. Software issues, including those affecting the phone's Wi-Fi functions, must already be resolved.

Other Options

You can escalate the problem to your ISP or carrier for additional assistance and more advanced solutions. You can also ask them to check their system for any current network failure. If the call is not the best option for you, you can also go to the HTC Authorized Service Center nearest you for further material evaluation and / or repair. Your HTC U12 / U12 Plus may have suffered some kind of physical or liquid damage on any of its network components and the symptom just occurred. In this case, the solution you are looking for is the service.

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