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It is important to keep your car clean, but you must have the proper cleaning tools to achieve the desired effect. Here's an overview of the best car cleaning tools and how they will help make your car look better than ever.

We are all busy and it is easy to neglect to clean your car (or just to go through an automatic car wash when you remember it), but doing the job yourself offers more than just the satisfaction of seeing the car very bright.

A good hand washing will get your car cleaner (including all the small spots that the car wash has missed), protect your paint and allow you to leave it perfectly dry and glossy that you can not get for 7 $ to gasoline. car wash station. Here are our best choices for washing your car or truck at home.

Pressure Washer: Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer ($ 149)

A good pressure washer is a key part of any car cleaning session. You will use it a lot. First of all, to eliminate all traces easy to clean before carrying out a more intense cleaning, then to eliminate the shampoo, the tire cleaning product or simply to give it a last shine.

The Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer is a workhorse of a high-pressure cleaner. Its 1,800-watt motor generates a cleaning power of up to 2,030 psi with a maximum water inlet temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. For those of you who perform a luxury operation at home and use hot water for their washing. The washer features 5 quick-connect spray nozzles that are ideal for light to heavy duty cleaning jobs. It automatically turns off the pump when the trigger is not activated, saving you energy in the long run. It's a must for the greedy cleaner.

Sponge: Viking Easy Grip Sponge ($ 4)

A sponge is far from being an interesting addition to your collection of cleaning products, but it is certainly useful. The Viking Easy Grip Sponge is made from high-density foam with a bone-like shape that makes it easy to grip while cleaning. It's a good size so you can cover a large part of your car in a single dash. The humble sponge is not really designed for more detailed tasks of cleaning your car, but it's good for versatile items in general, and this one is at an excellent price.

Bucket: Rubbermaid's commercial rough round bucket ($ 13)

You need two buckets to wash and clean your car. One is used to collect clean water with your other tools, while the other serves to filter dirty water. Never use one. You will end up with a dirty sponge that simply spreads around your vehicle. The bucket Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Round is a good size with a capacity of 14 pints, which means it's the perfect size for your extremely practical dust cover (see below). Thanks to its handle, it is easy to carry with the beak, which makes it practical if you want to tilt a bucket of water on a key area of ​​your car or truck.

Grit Guard: Dust trap for cyclists from the Chemical Guys group ($ 10)

When cleaning your car, sand and dirt are your big enemies. If you use the two-compartment method, you should generally agree, but still take the Chemical Guys Cyclone Dirt Trap . Place it in the bottom of your bucket and keep dirt and debris trapped inside it so it will not end up on your sponge. In this way, you avoid scratches, swirls or paint damage during washing. It's basically a kind of sieve. You'll be surprised how much dust it picks up when you clean your bucket after washing the car.

Washcloth: Chemical Guys washcloth ($ 7)

A washcloth is a great tool for washing the car because it gives you the impression of sweeping your surface by hand and slowing down to cover some key areas with more detail and fat elbows. The Chemical Guys Wash Mitt is a good option as it is made from extra plush microfibers. It promises to be lint-free so your car is not scratched or swirled. With an increased absorption capacity, you can easily absorb water and shampoo before giving the car a good workout with the glove. It's much more efficient and comfortable to use than an ordinary sponge.

It is also machine washable at 100%. So when you finish the day, you can throw it in the washing machine to put it back in no time.

Microfiber Cloths: Pack of 36 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Zwipes ($ 16)

Microfiber cloths are perfect to be imagined everywhere. They are very soft and when combined with water, they easily attract dust, dirt and grime before trapping particles. Being able to absorb up to 8 times its own weight in water, these Zwipes Microfibre Cleaning Cloths will change your perception of cleaning your car.

You can easily use them to clean stubborn stains on paint, dust upholstery or dashboard, and clean glass and windshields. They are super flexible like that. Once you're done, just throw them in the washing machine and you can use them for next time. A pack of 36 may seem like a lot, but it's useful to have a different one for each part of the car, from windows to tires, not to mention using them for other types of cleaning in your life.

Wheel and Motor Brush: TAKAVU Main Wheel Brush ($ 15)

Cleaning the wheels of your vehicle is one of the most difficult aspects of washing your car, mainly because you must be able to penetrate smaller and thinner areas of the car. All this brake dust builds up quickly after all. The Master Wheel Brush TAKAVU is flexible enough to penetrate hard-to-reach places with its 9.5-inch brush head that lets you sneak in without worrying about hurting your hands along the way .

It adds surprisingly well to a brush for the engine if you want to be as neat as what you clean. Of course, pay attention to the parts of the engine compartment that you clean, but if you just want to clean it quickly before transporting it to a garage, it's easy to do. Why would you like There is anecdotal evidence that mechanics would subconsciously treat your car better if it was very clean under the hood. Bizarre but true.

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