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If you're ready to start your morning coffee and want to start making a delicious cup of coffee, here are some coffee accessories that will get you started.

Do not forget that these products are an entry-level selection for beginners who are just starting to make coffee in their own way. Once you have gained more experience and learned what you like and what you do not like, you can upgrade your equipment later to upgrade to more premium options.

Aura Cuisinart Aura Stainless Steel Teapot ($ 18)

Since you will not use a traditional coffee maker to heat the water, you will have to rely on a kettle. The Aura by Cuisinart is an affordable option.

It can hold half a gallon of water. So, whether you make coffee for one person or for a whole house full of people, you can heat all the water you need at one time.

Electric Option: Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle 40880 ($ 29)

If you prefer to avoid the top of the stove and heat your water electrically, the electric kettle Hamilton Beach 40880 is a simple and affordable option that allows you to accomplish your job.

There are no bells and whistles on this one. All it takes is a simple on / off switch to turn on the heating element of the kettle. Then, once the water is brought to a boil, it automatically closes. Wait a minute or two and you will end up with a perfectly heated water at the appropriate brewing temperature.

Take a look at our other guide to electric kettles for other options to consider, including models with more bells and whistles.

Capresso Infinity Burr Conical Coffee Grinder ($ 82)

Once your water is hot, you have to prepare your coffee beans for the preparation. You can simply buy pre-ground coffee, but to get the most flavor from your brew, you need to buy whole coffee and grind it yourself. The tapered coffee grinder Capresso Infinity is an excellent choice.

If you have a budget, it's a bit expensive, but it's one of the best value shredders on the market. If you absolutely do not want to spend so much on a coffee grinder right now, make sure you have at least one conical mill – that's important because most cheap mills simply use blades (like a blender) , which do not work well. working in the grinding of coffee beans.

Check out our other guide to discounted coffee grinders for other options to purchase.

Brazilian French Press Bodum ($ 14 +)

There are many ways to prepare coffee, but if you want to get away from the dripping system and do not know which other method to use, the French press Bodum Brazil is an easy way and cheap to make coffee in its infancy.

There are also various sizes, including a 12 ounce single-serve size and 1945- [1945- higher sizes of 1945- [19459] for the preparation of a whole coffee. .

What's best, is that the use of a French press is a pretty foolproof way to prepare a delicious cup of coffee: just pour it your motives, add water, let infuse for a few minutes, and then depress the piston to separate the soil. You are then left with an excellent coffee that you can immediately pour into a cup or carafe.

Paper Filter Option: Smart Coffee Drip ($ 23)

If you prefer to use paper filters while wishing to live an experience in the French press, the Clever Coffee Dripper is the way to go.

One disadvantage of a French press is that it can leave "sludge" or "fines" in the bottom of your cup, which is nothing more than tiny particles of ground coffee that pass through the filter wire mesh of your French press. Some people like it and some do not.

If you are in the "no" camp, the Clever is a good alternative because you can still use the same principles of immersion brewing as a French press, but you can use a traditional paper filter, who will filter the fines.

In addition, the bottom of the Clever is equipped with an opening / closing valve. So when you put it on a coffee cup, it opens the valve and lets the coffee infuse pour directly into your cup, which is very neat.

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